Less than a week to go!

Well I have reached the final countdown stage and I am less than one week away from my flight out of the US en route to Uganda!

For those who don’t know, I have decided to volunteer at an HIV/AIDS clinic called St. Francis Health Services (website: http://www.stfrancishealthservices.org/) near a town called Jinja for about 5 months.  I applied for this assignment in early January and was accepted shortly afterward.  What attracted me to this assignment was fourfold: 1. I will be conducting a program evaluation of their services going back about 5 years.  This is similar to the type of work I had done in the past but now applying it to a totally new area for me; 2. I really hope to gain more international experience working in a foreign country to see if this is really something I might enjoy doing in the future; 3. The organization is completely grassroots – meaning that it was formed by Ugandans and run by Ugandans; and 4. I’ve always wanted to experience Africa.

I do not quite have all the details of how the organization is run day-to-day but I have been told that the first week that I am there will be for orientation.  I am thinking that I may need more time than that to really figure things out but I will see!  In the mean time, I still have a few affairs to arrange before I leave.

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One Response to Less than a week to go!

  1. Laura says:

    Hooray! I’m very excited for you.

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