Election Day

This is not a political blog but I had to say a few things about the national election which was on the 18th. There are nine political candidates running for office including the incumbent, President Museveni, who has been in power for about 25 years now. His biggest opposition is a Dr. Bessigye who was once Museveni’s personal doctor. According to my host, Bessigye’s wife was once the girlfriend of the current President. My host showed me his pinky finger with the mark of indellible ink on it to show that he had voted.


I watched the initial post election results while sitting at an outdoor bar/cafe near the boarding compound. There was a crowd of local people just watching a television announce the initial results. From what I could tell, the elections appeared to be relatively peaceful. There was one incident in the news of a local journalist who was apparently beaten by security forces in a remote area and his car pockmarked with bullets. The news seemed to carry the views from all sides and asked very pointed questions.

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