On Saturday and then Sunday, I was taken around to some of the local sites in and around Jinja. The first place on Saturday was to see the “Source of the Nile Gardens” which is just across the road from the compound I am staying at. The place was a little anti-climatic in my opinion. As you can see in the photos, the monument to Speke was a little worn for such a relatively important in history (or at least European history). The boy in one of the pictures is the Executive Director’s son named William (or Bill as most call him).


On Sunday, Faustine and the Volunteer Coordinator, Ali, took me to a place called Bujagali Falls about 9km north of Jinja. This is the area where they have several rapids that go up to Class VI level.


After that we went to a Chinese restaurant in Jinja which was actually pretty good. Faustine pointed out what appeared to be a few Indians at the restaurant as well, noting that they have “returned”. As a slight historical side note, the Indian population in Uganda is substantial and have (and still do) own many businesses in thee country. Because of this there is some jealously and hatred of them by the locals. The Indians apparently become suspicious around national election time not only due to potential violence but because in the past they have been targeted. For instance, during Idi Amin’s time, he had forcibly removed all Indian business owners from the country.

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