The Omoana House

To clarify something I had noticed earlier and may have mentioned, one of the programs that is under the auspice of St. Francis is the Omoana House (Omoana is Ugandan for children).  The Omoana House’s mission is to provide immediate care for children who are typically HIV positive and are very sick.  They allow the children to stay at the House overnight and it can vary in length of stay for up to several weeks or months.  The main issue is usually they need nutritional fortification to help their bodies defend against diseases due to being weakened by HIV.  They receive supplements from outside organizations – particularly US AID in the form of RUTAFA and Plumpy-nut (both are high nutrition pastes).  Once the children are well, they can then be returned home.  However, the Omoana House will still serve the children through monthly follow up visits.

The interesting point is that the House is actually separate from St. Francis even though they are staffed by St. Francis and their separate funds are run through the Accounting Department of St. Francis.  The Omoana House is actually under a separate organization (  The leader of the House is actually a former Swiss volunteer named Adrian who worked at St. Francis and then came back to start the House and manage it.

A pitch: Since the children stay at the House, sometimes they need to hold some schooling there if they are very sick and cannot attend local schools.  So I wanted to post a notice for any donations of children’s books.  Their particular needs are: African literature/poetry, English dictionary, African geography (World too), Basic Science books (biology, chemistry, etc).  The kids are mainly in elementary age so that is the target age for donated material.  Anything that can be sent can be mailed to St. Francis Health Services.  The address you can find on their website that has been posted earlier in this blog.  Thank you.

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2 Responses to The Omoana House

  1. Kathy says:

    That sounds like such a great program – I’ll check out the local Borders here for some books – they’re closing, so they’re having some massive sales.

  2. Laura says:

    Freecycle, here I come again!

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