Fishing on the Nile

So Sunday evening I had a chance to experience how local Ugandans fish on the Nile river. A local guy named Aaron picked us up in Bukaya to go fishing. It was myself, a German volunteer from St. Francis, and two other German volunteers who work at an orphanage nearby called St. Moses.


Aaron took us to an area near the “Source of the Nile” and we entered two wooden boats to travel across the river. There we were armed with our “fishing equipment”. You see, the local Ugandan fishing gear consists of a used plastic water bottle. Fishing line is wound around the bottle and a small piece of lead and then a metal hook is attached at the far end. The plastic bottle acts as a rod/reel. Once a worm is placed on the end, one is ready to fish!


Another local boy accompanied us to fish and he was the best by far catching a few small Tilapia. None of the muzungus were successful. On one area, we saw some black and white monkeys eating fruit from a tree on the far side. I also saw a young boy swimming in the Nile which is something I would never do. The water here is known to be full of Bilharzia which is a parasite that once ingested, will travel within the host body to lay eggs in the liver. It will stay dormant and then when the eggs hatch, the larvae will cause havoc in the body. Symptoms include feeling tired, fever, and rashes. It is treatable fortunately.


Some pictures of the Nile fishing trip are attached.

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2 Responses to Fishing on the Nile

  1. Laura says:

    I expect you’ll catch some fresh tilapia for me when I visit, right? 🙂

  2. Patrick says:

    Ummm… at least I can find out where to buy one at the least!

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