HIV AIDS Treatment Standards

I thought for this brief update I would post some guidelines on treatment standards for HIV/AIDS in Uganda.  I pulled the info posted below from a US AID document on HIV/AIDS treatment standards around the world.  One thing of note: The US (and I assume the West) does not utilize first line or second line treatment, etc.  It assesses the patient and identifies the drug(s) that would provide the most benefit as soon as the virus is detected.  I know this is probably beyond what most would understand but I think it shows that their are mainly two options for treatment and if those fail, that is it for the patient.

Uganda (2008)
Adults and adolescents
All patients with:                                                                                                                            *CD4 count < 250/mm3;
*WHO clinical stage 4; or
*CD4 count < 350/mm3 and at WHO clinical stage 3 or co-infected with TB

First Line Regimen:

d4T or AZT or TDF + 3TC or FTC
+ NVP or EFV

Second Line Regimen:

ABC or AZT + ddI + LPV/r
TDF + 3TC or FTC + LPV/r

No Third Line Regimen______

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