Rotary Club Health Day

So one of the major annual events that the Rotary Clubs in Uganda is sponsoring is a Health Day which falls on the 30th. The Rotary Club of Jinja participated by holding their Health Day at a Primary School off Main Street in Jinja.  Several partner organizations participated namely: The AIDS Support Organization (TASO), The AIDS Information Center (AIC), Jinja Referral Hospital, Children of Grace, St. Francis, and others.  The turnout was fair but not as many arrived as expected for a free health event.

At the event, there was counseling, HIV testing, malaria testing, family planning (such as condom distribution), mosquito net distribution, water filter distribution, and immunizations for polio, hepatitis, children’s TB, etc.

All-in-all it was a good event and it was good to see so many groups working together to help the local people.

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One Response to Rotary Club Health Day

  1. Laura says:

    At least it was useful for the people who showed up. Maybe they’ll spread the word so the next fair has higher turnout. Possible?

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