Daily Routine

I know it has been a while since my last post but it seemed that I did not have a good update to make. So this time I decided to give a testimony to a “typical” day in my life.

I usually try to get up around 6:30am in the morning. I then get dressed and make sure that I have the things I want to bring to work with me that day. I usually take my malaria pill in the morning as well since they say it is best on an empty stomach. Around 7am or so, I walk over to the host families’ building to take tea or African tea (milk-laden tea) with them and some bread. Breakfast is usually not that big of an affair in Uganda and it typically just involves tea and some item like bread. I either bike, take a boda boda (a motorcycle taxi), or ride with the Executive Director (the most comfortable and safest method). At work, I check my e-mail and write a few back. When the clinic really starts to get going sometime after 8:30am. I then do whatever I had planned to do that day – whether it is to observe a home-based trip, organize a meeting, or whatever. They do offer a second tea break in the mornings for the staff where one can also get chapati (a tortilla-like dish) or samosas (a fried dumpling-like dish that is filled with vegetables). I usually skip this since I usually am not hungry at this time. By about 12pm I am starving but Ugandans don’t typically eat lunch until about 1pm. Lunch is usually at the Canteen on the grounds of St. Francis. Typically it is some combination of rice, matooke (plantains), posho (maize-based cake), G-nut sauce (groundnut sauce), lettuce, and beans. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they also include some meat – typically beef – to the diet. The rest of the day is a continuation of the morning. Usually, I do some research online or compile my notes for the future report that I will write. Around 5pm, the clinic starts to wind down and close up shop for the day. I then usually take a mini-bus taxi from the area in front of St. Francis to the Nile Brewery stop where I then take a boda boda to Bukaya and home. The evening routine varies. On Wednesdays, I usually ride with the Executive Director or take a mini-bus taxi into Jinja to attend an hour long Rotary Club of Jinja meeting where I hope to be a member one day. After that, I usually ride with the Executive Director to the Nile bar for drinks. Other evenings, I usually stay home and read before eventually going to bed around 10:30pm or so. Other nights, I may take the walk to the town of Bukaya to a local bar to have a drink or two with other volunteers.

So this is the average routine for my daily life. Not too terribly exciting as I describe it but the patients that I see and interacting with the staff make it interesting.

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