Rotary Event and Report Writing

So I am kind’ve combining two posts here. One is about a recent Rotary event that occurred at Jinja Children’s Hospital on Saturday. The other is to talk a little about my Evaluation report.


So on Saturday I traveled to the Jinja Children’s Hospital for an event where about 350 kg of nutritious foodstuffs was donated to the hospital in order to help provide new mothers with some basic foods to feed their babies and/or young children. The donation was made possible through monetary donations from the Rotary Club of Havant (UK) to the Rotary Club of Jinja who purchased the food products. Before the transfer of food, there were several speeches by several attendees including: the Rotary Club President, the Executive Director of Jinja Hospital, and the Senior Nurse. The speech by the Executive Director was noteworthy in that he spoke about the dire health care problems facing Uganda and the sad state of affairs where people suffer from malnutrition even while Uganda is so “green” and that access to safe drinking water is so difficult even though the proximity of the Nile River is so close. The humorous part of the situation happened when he said that he was glad that no reporters were around. Little did he know there was a reporter present from the Daily Monitor! The reporter was there covering another story when he saw what was going on and became interested. Since he was not quite prepared, he only had his mobile phone camera to take photos. Fortunately, I had brought my camera and he asked if I could send him some photos – which I did later. We then did a handover of food, symbolically, to a few mothers present and then took a tour of the hospital facility. I have mentioned this before, I believe, but the conditions are not too good at the hospital. It was overcrowded with patients and lacking equipment. There was one lab technician on duty handling up to 40 babies waiting outside for lab testing! There was a situation where a woman was crying and yelling while running through the hallways. The Director turned to me as if he knew that I was curious to know what she was saying. He told me that the woman had just lost her baby. I always feel a bit bad when visiting the hospitals here. Some pictures are attached.


For my report, I am finally down to writing it! I have an outline which I created a few months ago which I dusted off and used to help me start writing. Even though I have learned a few more things and will probably adjust the content before I am finished, the outline was the best thing I could have done to assist me in overcoming some initial writer’s block and begin putting words through a keyboard. My goal is still to finish by mid-July at the latest. My work will be interrupted in a couple of weeks to go on a trip with the Project Director of Omoana House, Adrien, to visit Mombasa, Kenya for about a week! I am looking forward to that, as well as finishing my report (the main reason I am here of course)!

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  1. Soon you’ll be taking over my photography job! Thanks for sharing. Interesting and educational, as always. I’m sorry about the woman who lost her child.

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