Evaluation of Performance Indicators

There are a couple of interesting things I have learned through reviewing the St. Francis Five-Year Strategic Plan and the measurable indicators contained within.


One is that it is important to think of how to collect the data before one agrees to trying to accomplish an indicator and also if it is realistic. For instance, there is an indicator to reach an audience of 180,000 people in 2008 through Music, Dance, and Drama shows. This number seems excessively high considering the general population of Jinja is roughly about 80,000 in the surrounding vicinity of the town. Also, if one does not record the actual attendees, then how does one know how many showed up for your event?


Also, there are several instances where indicators are closely worded or are similar in concept but have different meanings which leads to confusion. For instance, “# couples who seek for and received HIV

counseling and testing at SFHCS” and “# persons receiving their HIV test results as a couple”. The former is supposed to show how SFHCS has “couple-friendly” services while the other is supposed to show how many couples show up.


Finally, there are 83 separate indicators contained within the plan which, by sheer numbers, can be a huge data burden for the staff from a data management perspective.


I think the take away for me at least is to not try and focus on the volume of indicators but the quality of them and the realism of actually being able to capture the information. Also, whether an indicator is a “true” indicator of the performance.

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